Get Drip-Worthy: Your Ultimate Buying Guide to the Top 10 Water Faucet Taps in India

Water faucet taps are an essential part of every household. From washing hands to cooking, these fixtures play an important role in our daily lives. However, with the wide variety of water faucet taps available in the market, choosing the right one for your home can be overwhelming. Every individual has their own set of requirements when it comes to faucets, and it is crucial to make an informed decision to ensure functionality, durability, and efficiency. In this buying guide, we will take a closer look at the top 10 water faucet taps in India and help you make the right choice.

Importance of Choosing the Right Water Faucet Tap

A water faucet tap is more than just a functional fixture in your home. It can also have an impact on your overall health and the environment. A good quality water faucet tap will not only provide clean and safe water but also conserve it. The right tap can also add to the aesthetic appeal of your home and make your daily tasks more convenient. With households becoming increasingly conscious of their water consumption and ecological footprint, it is crucial to choose a tap that meets these needs.

Overview of the Top 10 Water Faucet Taps in India

The Indian market is flooded with options when it comes to water faucet taps, making it difficult to select the ideal one. To make your decision easier, we have curated a list of the top 10 water faucet taps in India based on their popularity, functionality, and customer reviews.

1. ESNICO Water Faucet Tap
2. Kohler Forte Single Control Kitchen Sink Faucet
3. Jaquar ALD 753B Basin Mixer
4. Cera BLISS and Health Faucet
5. Hindware F100020 Contessa Sink Mixer
6. CERA USB Jeanie Deck Mounted Sink Mixer
7. Parryware Zest Health Faucet
8. Dorset Luxor Sensor Faucet
9. TOTO Helix Single Lever High Neck Basin Faucet
10. Delta Pilar Single Handle Faucet with Soap Dispenser

Types of Water Faucet Taps Available

Before diving into the features and benefits of each tap, it is essential to understand the different types of water faucet taps available in the market.

Wall-Mounted Faucets

Wall-mounted faucets are fixed to the wall above the sink or basin. They require a separate hot and cold water supply and are popular for their sleek and modern look.

Deck-Mounted Faucets

Deck-mounted faucets sit on top of the sink or basin and require holes to be drilled for installation. They have one or two handles for hot and cold water and come in a variety of designs.

Sensor Faucets

Sensor faucets use motion sensors to turn the water on and off, making them a convenient and efficient option. They are also hygienic as there is no need to touch the handle with dirty hands.

Pros and Cons of Each Type

Each type of water faucet tap has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Wall-mounted faucets are stylish and convenient for small bathrooms, but drilling holes in the wall can be a challenging task. Deck-mounted faucets offer a wider range of designs but may not be as space-efficient. Sensor faucets are hands-free and save water but require a power source and are relatively more expensive.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Water Faucet Tap

When it comes to purchasing a water faucet tap, it is essential to consider certain factors to ensure a long-lasting and functional product.

Durability and Quality of Materials

Investing in a good quality water faucet tap with high-quality materials such as brass or stainless steel will ensure that the tap lasts longer and requires less maintenance.

Water-Saving Features and Efficiency

Water-saving features such as aerators or flow restrictors can significantly help in conserving water. Look for faucets with high Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) ratings for maximum efficiency.

Design and Aesthetic Appeal

Consider the design of the faucet to complement your bathroom or kitchen decor. Choose a finish that matches other fixtures and appliances for a cohesive look.

Comparing the Top 3 Water Faucet Taps in India

To provide a more in-depth analysis, we have compared the top three water faucet taps in India based on their features, specifications, and customer reviews.

1. ESNICO Water Faucet Tap

The ESNICO Water Faucet Tap is made of high-quality brass and comes with a 360-degree swivel neck, making it a versatile option for a variety of sinks. It also has a built-in aerator that reduces water wastage and enhances water pressure. Customers have praised its smooth and sleek design, easy installation, and durability.

2. Kohler Forte Single Control Kitchen Sink Faucet

The Kohler Forte Single Control Kitchen Sink Faucet is a deck-mounted faucet with a pull-down spray head and ceramic disc valves for longevity and ease of use. It also has a temperature memory setting and a high-temperature limit stop to prevent scalding. Customers have raved about its modern design, easy installation, and smooth operation.

3. Jaquar ALD 753B Basin Mixer

The Jaquar ALD 753B Basin Mixer is a wall-mounted faucet with a concealed installation for a sleek look. It is made of brass and has a durable chrome finish. It also comes with advanced water-saving features such as a honeycomb-shaped aerator that reduces water wastage by 60%. Customers have praised its sleek design, efficient water-saving features, and easy maintenance.

Installation Process of Water Faucet Taps

Installing a water faucet tap may seem like a daunting task, but it can easily be done at home with the right tools and instructions.

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing a Water Faucet Tap

1. Shut off the water supply by turning off the main valve.

2. Assemble the faucet according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

3. Place the top gasket onto the faucet and insert it into the required holes on the sink or basin.

4. Secure the faucet from under the sink with mounting nuts and washers.

5. Connect the hot and cold water supply lines to the appropriate valves.

6. Turn on the water supply and check for leaks. Tighten connections if necessary.

Tools and Materials Required for Installation

– Adjustable wrench
– Pipe wrench
– Container or rags for collecting excess water
– Teflon thread seal tape
– Plumbers putty (if required)

Maintenance Tips for Water Faucet Taps

Proper maintenance is essential for the longevity and efficiency of your water faucet tap. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Proper Cleaning Techniques

Clean the faucet regularly with a mild soap and soft cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or rough sponges as they can damage the finish. For hard water stains, use a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting Methods

If your water faucet tap is leaking or has reduced water pressure, check and clean the aerator. If the problem persists, it may be due to a faulty cartridge or valve, in which case professional help may be required.

Addressing Common Misconceptions About Water Faucet Taps

There are several myths and misconceptions surrounding water faucet taps. Let’s dispel them and provide accurate information based on expert insights.

Myth: Water faucet taps with sensors are more prone to malfunction.

Fact: Sensor faucets are designed for efficiency and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they function accurately and reliably.

Myth: Expensive water faucet taps are automatically better quality.

Fact: The price of a water faucet tap may be influenced by several factors such as design, brand reputation, and efficiency. It is important to consider all aspects and not just the price when making a purchase decision.

Customer Reviews and Recommendations for the Top 10 Water Faucet Taps

To provide a more comprehensive overview of the top 10 water faucet taps, we have collated real-life experiences of users with these taps.

Earning Positive Feedback

– “The Jaquar ALD 753B Basin Mixer has been a great addition to my bathroom. The water-saving features have made a noticeable difference in my water bill.” – Pooja, Delhi.
– “I have been using the Dorset Luxor Sensor Faucet for a few months now, and I am impressed with its convenience and efficiency. No more wasted water while brushing my teeth!” – Rakesh, Mumbai.

Receiving Constructive Criticism

– “I had issues with the Kohler Forte Single Control Kitchen Sink Faucet after a few months of use. The spray head started leaking, and the customer service was not very responsive.” – Simran, Bengaluru.
– “While the ESNICO Water Faucet Tap looks good and is easy to install, the water pressure is not as strong as I would like it to be.” – Rohit, Kolkata.

Cost Comparison of Water Faucet Taps in India

The price of water faucet taps in India can vary significantly depending on the brand, type, and features. Here is a general price range comparison for reference.

Wall-Mounted Faucets: Rs. 1,500 – Rs. 8,000

Deck-Mounted Faucets: Rs. 2,000 – Rs. 15,000

Sensor Faucets: Rs. 5,000 – Rs. 20,000

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Choosing the right water faucet tap may seem like a daunting task, but with the right information and considerations, you can make an informed decision. Each of the top 10 water faucet taps in India has its own unique features and benefits, and it ultimately boils down to your personal requirements and budget. Remember to prioritize functionality, efficiency, and durability when making your purchase. We hope this buying guide has helped you in your quest to find the perfect water faucet tap for your home. So go ahead, get drip-worthy with your choice, and enjoy the convenience and style it adds to your daily routine.