The Ultimate Buying Guide: Top 10 Best-Performing LG 22MP68VQ Monitors in India

Welcome to the ultimate buying guide for LG 22MP68VQ monitors in India. As one of the leading brands in the tech industry, LG offers a wide range of high-quality monitors for various purposes. Among them, the 22MP68VQ series stands out for its exceptional performance and features.

In today’s digital world, a monitor is an essential device for almost every task, whether it is gaming, office work, or graphic design. The right monitor can significantly enhance your overall experience and productivity. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the best-performing monitor that suits your needs and budget.

In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about LG 22MP68VQ monitors. From key features to consider while buying to detailed reviews of the top-performing models, we have got you covered. So, let’s dive in and find your perfect monitor.

Key Features to Consider when Buying

When it comes to buying a monitor, there are certain key features that you must consider to ensure the best performance and functionality. Let’s take a look at these features and their importance.

Display Quality and Resolution

The first and most crucial factor to consider is the display quality and resolution. The LG 22MP68VQ monitors come with a Full HD 1080p resolution, providing crisp and clear visuals. Additionally, the In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology offers wide viewing angles and accurate color representation.

Compromising on display quality and resolution can significantly affect your viewing experience and strain your eyes. Therefore, it is essential to choose a monitor with high-quality display and resolution, like the LG 22MP68VQ series.

Refresh Rate and Response Time

The refresh rate and response time play a significant role, especially for gaming enthusiasts. The LG 22MP68VQ monitors come with a 75Hz refresh rate and a 5ms response time, making them ideal for smooth and fast-paced gaming.

A higher refresh rate ensures that the display can keep up with the fast movements in games, providing a seamless experience. The response time also determines how quickly the monitor can display a new image, which is crucial for avoiding motion blur. Therefore, for a better gaming experience, it is essential to choose a monitor with a high refresh rate and response time.

Connectivity Options

Another key feature to consider is the connectivity options available on the monitor. The LG 22MP68VQ monitors come with HDMI, VGA, and DVI-D ports, providing connectivity with various devices. They also have a headphone jack for audio output.

It is crucial to have versatile connectivity options to use the monitor with different devices, whether it is your gaming console, laptop, or desktop. Therefore, make sure to check the connectivity options of a monitor before making a purchase.

Ergonomics and Adjustability

The ergonomics and adjustability of a monitor are often overlooked but can significantly impact your comfort and overall experience. The LG 22MP68VQ monitors come with a tilt and height-adjustable stand, allowing you to find the most comfortable viewing position.

Working or gaming for long hours can put a strain on your neck and eyes. With an ergonomically designed monitor, you can avoid this and enhance your productivity and comfort.

Additional Features

Lastly, look out for additional features that can enhance the monitor’s performance and functionality. The LG 22MP68VQ series offers various features like gaming modes, FreeSync technology for smooth gameplay, and Black Stabilizer for better visibility in dark areas of the screen. Consider these features based on your specific usage to make the most out of your monitor.

Comparison of Top 10 LG 22MP68VQ Monitors in India

To help you narrow down your choices, we have compared the top 10 best-performing LG 22MP68VQ monitors available in India. Let’s take a look at them and their unique features.

1. LG 22MP68VQ

The LG 22MP68VQ is the most basic model in the series, offering a Full HD resolution, 75Hz refresh rate, and 5ms response time. It also comes with an IPS panel, making it ideal for everyday use.

2. LG 22MP68VQ-P

The LG 22MP68VQ-P is similar to the previous model but comes with a clearer and more vibrant display due to its IPS panel with sRGB over 99% color gamut. It is also suitable for casual gaming with its FreeSync technology.

3. LG 22MP68VQ-W

The LG 22MP68VQ-W comes with a stylish white finish and the same features as the previous model. It is ideal for those looking for a sleek and modern design.

4. LG 22MP68VQ-PB

The LG 22MP68VQ-PB is another variant of the 22MP68VQ, but with additional features like a Black Stabilizer for better visibility in dark scenes and Dynamic Action Sync for reduced input lag.

5. LG 22MP68VQ-G

The LG 22MP68VQ-G stands out for its gaming-centric features, including a 1ms Motion Blur Reduction, Black Stabilizer, and Dynamic Action Sync. It also comes with a gamer-friendly design.

6. LG 22MP68VQ-PF

The LG 22MP68VQ-PF is a more budget-friendly option in the series, with a slightly lower refresh rate of 60Hz. It also has a lower response time of 4ms but still offers a decent performance.

7. LG 22MP68VQ-PX

The LG 22MP68VQ-PX is another gaming-oriented model with additional features like Crosshair, Game Mode, and Black Stabilizer. It also has a red accent design, perfect for gamers.

8. LG 22MP68VQ-PZ

The LG 22MP68VQ-PZ is a budget-friendly gaming monitor with a TN panel, offering 1ms Motion Blur Reduction and FreeSync technology for a better gaming experience.

9. LG 22MP68VQ-N

The LG 22MP68VQ-N is another basic variant of the 22MP68VQ, with an IPS panel, a 60Hz refresh rate, and a 5ms response time. It is suitable for casual usage.

10. LG 22MP68VQ-Q

Lastly, the LG 22MP68VQ-Q is another budget-friendly option with similar features to the previous model. It also has a TN panel and is ideal for those looking for a more affordable monitor.

LG 22MP68VQ Monitor Reviews

To give you a better idea of the performance and user experience of the top-performing LG 22MP68VQ monitors, here are some detailed reviews.


The LG 22MP68VQ-P stands out for its vibrant display with excellent color accuracy. It is great for gaming and everyday usage, but the viewing angles could be better. Overall, it is a value-for-money monitor.


The LG 22MP68VQ-G offers impressive gaming features and a fast response time. The design and build quality are also top-notch. However, the OSD (on-screen display) menu could be more user-friendly.


The LG 22MP68VQ-PB is an excellent all-rounder with a clear and crisp display and additional features for gamers. Some users have reported issues with the stand’s stability, but overall, it is a reliable monitor for its price.

Factors to Consider while Buying a Monitor in India

Apart from the key features of the monitor, there are a few other factors that you must consider while buying a monitor in India.

Budget Considerations

The budget is usually the most significant factor when it comes to making a purchase. Based on your budget, you can choose from various models in the LG 22MP68VQ series, as mentioned earlier. It is essential to set a realistic budget and choose a monitor that offers the best features in that range.

Size and Space Requirements

Consider the size and space constraints of your workspace or gaming setup before buying a monitor. LG 22MP68VQ monitors come in various sizes, so make sure to choose a model that fits your requirements.

Specific Usage and Requirements

As mentioned earlier, specific usage and requirements play a significant role in choosing the right monitor. For instance, a gaming monitor may have different features than an office monitor. Make sure to choose the monitor that suits your specific usage and meets your requirements.

Availability and After-Sales Service

Lastly, consider the availability of the model you have chosen in your area and the after-sales service provided by the brand. LG is known for its prompt and reliable customer service, ensuring a hassle-free experience for its users.

Installation and Setup Guide for LG 22MP68VQ Monitors

Now that you have chosen your perfect LG 22MP68VQ monitor, it is time to set it up. Here is a step-by-step guide for setting up your monitor.

Step 1: Unbox the Monitor

Carefully unbox the monitor and its accessories, including the stand, power adapter, cables, and instruction manual.

Step 2: Connect the Stand

Connect the stand to the base of the monitor and ensure it is secure.

Step 3: Connect the Cables

Connect the power adapter and the desired cable (HDMI, VGA, DVI-D) to your computer or other device.

Step 4: Power On the Monitor

Plug in the power adapter and turn on the monitor.

Step 5: Adjust the Display Settings

Using the buttons on the bottom of the monitor, adjust the display settings to your preference.

Step 6: Troubleshooting Common Issues

If you face any issues, refer to the instruction manual or contact customer support for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about LG 22MP68VQ Monitors

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about LG 22MP68VQ monitors.

Q: Can I use the LG 22MP68VQ monitor for gaming?

A: Yes, most models in the series offer gaming-specific features, making them suitable for gaming.

Q: Can I mount the LG 22MP68VQ monitor on a wall?

A: Yes, the monitor has VESA mount compatibility, allowing you to mount it on a wall or monitor arm.

Q: Can I adjust the height of the monitor?

A: Yes, most models come with a height-adjustable stand.

Tips for Maintaining and Cleaning LG 22MP68VQ Monitors

To ensure your LG 22MP68VQ monitor stays in top condition, here are some tips for maintaining and cleaning it.

Proper Cleaning Methods

Use a soft, lint-free cloth to clean the monitor. Avoid using harsh chemicals, especially on the display, as they can damage the screen.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Do not spray the cleaning solution directly onto the screen, and do not use paper towels or other abrasive materials for cleaning.

Accessories and Enhancements for LG 22MP68VQ Monitors

Here are some recommended accessories and enhancements for LG 22MP68VQ monitors.

Monitor Arm

A monitor arm can free up desk space and allow for better adjustability and viewing angles.

VESA Mount

A VESA mount is a great option for wall mounting the monitor.

Cable Management Solutions

To keep your workspace clutter-free, consider investing in cable management solutions like cable clips or a cable sleeve.

Conclusion and Final Recommendations

To summarize, the LG 22MP68VQ monitors are an excellent choice for their high-quality display, gaming features, and overall performance. Based on your specific needs and budget, choose from the top 10 best-performing models mentioned in this article.

In conclusion, a monitor is an essential investment that can significantly enhance your overall experience and productivity. With the right features and proper maintenance, an LG 22MP68VQ monitor can be a long-term and valuable addition to your setup. So, go ahead and pick your perfect LG 22MP68VQ monitor today.