The Ultimate Buying Guide: Unveiling the Top 10 Original Puligoru Jewellery Pieces in India

Puligoru Jewellery has long been an integral part of Indian culture and tradition. Originating from the southern state of Andhra Pradesh, Puligoru Jewellery is known for its unique designs and intricate artwork. The word ‘Puligoru’ translates to ‘tiger nail’, and it is believed that the first piece of Puligoru Jewellery was created with a tiger’s nail as the centerpiece. Over time, Puligoru Jewellery has evolved and gained immense popularity, not just in India but also among Indian communities living abroad. In this ultimate buying guide, we will take a deep dive into the world of Puligoru Jewellery and unveil the top 10 original pieces you can find in India.

Brief History and Significance of Puligoru Jewellery

Puligoru Jewellery has a rich history that dates back centuries. According to legends, it was first created during the Vijayanagara Empire, which ruled parts of southern India in the 14th century. At that time, Puligoru Jewellery was worn by royalty and was considered a symbol of power and status. It was also believed to have mystical powers and was worn as a talisman for protection.

In addition to its historical significance, Puligoru Jewellery also holds cultural importance in many Indian communities. It is a prominent part of bridal trousseaus and is often passed down as heirlooms from one generation to another.

Traditional and Cultural Aspects Associated with Puligoru Jewellery

Apart from its intricate designs and craftsmanship, Puligoru Jewellery also has deep cultural roots in Indian traditions. It is an essential part of the attire for auspicious occasions, such as weddings and festivals. In many communities, it is also considered a symbol of marital status for married women.

The significance of Puligoru Jewellery can also be seen in classical dance forms such as Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi, where performers adorn themselves with this exquisite jewelry. Additionally, Puligoru Jewellery is also associated with Indian deities, with many temples having idols adorned with it as a mark of respect and devotion.

Understanding the Different Types of Puligoru Jewellery

Puligoru Jewellery is not limited to just one type; it encompasses a variety of designs and styles. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular types of Puligoru Jewellery.

Exploring the Variations in Puligoru Necklace Designs

One of the most iconic and recognizable pieces of Puligoru Jewellery is the necklace. Puligoru necklaces have a unique design with a central pendant in the shape of a tiger’s nail, surrounded by intricate detailing. These necklaces are available in various lengths and styles, from simple chains to elaborate ones adorned with gemstones and pearls.

Puligoru necklaces also have variations in terms of the pendant’s design, with some featuring animal motifs, while others showcase intricate patterns and engravings. Additionally, the necklaces may be crafted using gold, silver, or traditional alloys such as panchdhatu or navarathna.

Examining the Unique Features and Styles of Puligoru Earrings

Earrings are another popular form of Puligoru Jewellery that can instantly elevate any outfit. These earrings usually have a drop-down design with the signature tiger nail as the centerpiece, along with intricate detailing and gemstones. They come in various styles, from traditional studs to elaborate jhumkas, making it a versatile piece that can be worn on any occasion.

Similar to necklaces, Puligoru earrings also feature animal motifs and other traditional Indian designs, making them a unique and distinct piece of jewelry.

Factors to Consider When Buying Puligoru Jewellery

Before investing in Puligoru Jewellery, it is essential to ensure that you are getting an authentic and high-quality piece. Here are some factors to consider when purchasing Puligoru Jewellery.

Determining the Authenticity and Quality of Puligoru Jewellery

As Puligoru Jewellery gained popularity, there has been an influx of counterfeit pieces in the market. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the jewelry you are purchasing is authentic and of good quality. Look for hallmark certifications and check for any authorized marks of the jeweler to guarantee the authenticity of the piece.

Another way to determine the quality of Puligoru Jewellery is by examining the craftsmanship. A genuine piece will have fine details and precise workmanship, making it stand out from imitations.

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Puligoru Piece Based on Personal Preference

Puligoru Jewellery is available in various designs and styles, so it is essential to consider your personal preference before making a purchase. Whether you prefer a traditional or modern look, there is Puligoru Jewellery to suit everyone’s taste.

Additionally, pay attention to the materials used in the piece, as it can impact the overall look and feel. Gold is a popular choice, but there are also options available in silver, rose gold, and traditional alloys, so choose according to your preference and budget.

Exploring the Symbolism Behind Puligoru Jewellery

Puligoru Jewellery is not just a beautiful adornment; it also holds significant symbolism and meaning. Let’s take a closer look at the stories and symbols behind different elements of Puligoru designs.

Fascinating Stories and Myths Connected to Puligoru Adornments

According to Hindu mythology, it is believed that Lord Shiva adorned himself with tiger claws as a mark of power. This has led to the association of the tiger’s nail with strength and protection, making it a popular element in Puligoru Jewellery.

Some stories also state that the Puligoru pendant was initially made from the claws of a tiger that Lord Shiva gave to his devotee. This adds to the significance and sacredness of Puligoru Jewellery in Indian culture.

Unveiling the Symbolic Significance of Different Animal Motifs in Puligoru Designs

Apart from the tiger’s nail, Puligoru Jewellery also features other animal motifs such as peacock, parrot, and swan. These animals hold symbolic meaning in Hinduism, with the peacock symbolizing beauty, the parrot representing love, and the swan representing purity.

Each motif holds its own significance and adds to the aesthetic appeal of Puligoru Jewellery, making it a cherished piece among Indian communities.

Top 5 Puligoru Necklace Designs in India

With a variety of designs and styles to choose from, it can be challenging to pick just one Puligoru necklace. Here are five popular and unique designs to consider when making your purchase.

Showcasing Popular Puligoru Necklace Styles

1. The Classic Tiger Nail Pendant Necklace – This design features a single pendant in the shape of a tiger’s nail, often set in a gold or silver chain. It is a versatile piece that can be worn on various occasions and with different outfits.

2. The Peacock Puligoru Necklace – This necklace features a central pendant with a peacock design, often adorned with colorful gemstones or enamel work. It is a popular choice for bridal wear and adds a touch of elegance to any ensemble.

3. The Multiple Layered Necklace – This design features multiple layers of chains with different-sized pendants and often includes other elements such as beads or pearls. It is a statement piece that adds depth and dimension to any outfit.

4. The Traditional Navarathna Necklace – This necklace features a nine-stone pendant, with each gemstone representing the nine planets in Vedic astrology. This design is considered to bring good luck and prosperity to the wearer.

5. The Kundan Necklace – This design is a fusion of Puligoru and Kundan styles, with a central pendant featuring both the tiger nail and Kundan work. It is a traditional yet elegant choice for special occasions and adds a regal touch to the overall look.

Top 5 Puligoru Earring Designs in India

Puligoru earrings are a must-have accessory for every Indian woman, and with various styles available, it can be challenging to pick just one. Here are five top picks to consider.

Showcasing Trendy and Traditional Puligoru Earrings Designs

1. The Classic Jhumkas – Jhumkas are a staple in Indian jewelry, and Puligoru jhumkas are no exception. These earrings feature a drop-down design with the tiger nail as the centerpiece, making them a perfect blend of tradition and trend.

2. The Studs – For a more subtle look, you can opt for Puligoru stud earrings. These earrings feature a single stud with the tiger nail and are perfect for everyday wear.

3. The Chandbalis – Chandbalis are a popular earring style in India, and they are given a unique twist with the addition of the tiger nail in Puligoru designs. These earrings are perfect for adding a touch of glam to your outfit.

4. The Hoops – If you prefer a more modern and edgy look, then Puligoru hoop earrings are the way to go. These earrings feature a hoop with the tiger nail charm, adding a touch of elegance to the design.

5. The Dangling Earrings – These earrings come in various styles, from simple and sleek to elaborate and intricate. They feature a drop-down design and are perfect for special occasions.

Care and Maintenance Tips for Puligoru Jewellery

Puligoru Jewellery, like any other precious piece, requires proper care and maintenance to retain its beauty and shine. Here are some tips to keep your Puligoru ornaments in top condition.

Best Practices for Cleaning and Storing Puligoru Ornaments

– Use a soft cloth to gently wipe the jewelry after each use to remove any dirt or sweat.

– Store Puligoru Jewellery in a soft pouch or a jewelry box to avoid scratches or damage.

– Keep it away from water and chemicals as they can cause discoloration or damage to the metal.

– Clean your Puligoru pieces periodically using a mild soap or jewelry cleaning solution and warm water. Rinse thoroughly and polish with a soft cloth.

Advice on Avoiding Potential Damage or Discoloration

– Avoid wearing Puligoru Jewellery while swimming or doing any household chores.

– Remove your jewelry before applying perfume or hairspray as the chemicals can cause discoloration.

– If the jewelry comes in contact with sweat, clean it promptly to avoid any potential damage.

Recognizing Counterfeit Puligoru Jewellery

As Puligoru Jewellery becomes more popular, there has been a rise in counterfeit pieces in the market. Here are some indicators to look out for to identify fake or imitation Puligoru Jewellery.

Indicators to Identify Fake or Imitation Puligoru Pieces

– Poor craftsmanship: Counterfeit pieces will have inferior quality and lack fine details or precision.

– Inaccurate markings: Authentic Puligoru Jewellery will have hallmark certifications and authorized marks of the jeweler, which may be missing in fake pieces.

– Low-quality gemstones: If the gemstones used in the jewelry look dull or are not properly set, it may be a sign of a fake piece.

Steps to Take to Ensure the Authenticity of the Purchased Puligoru Jewellery

– Buy from a trusted and reputed jeweler who deals in authentic Puligoru Jewellery.

– Examine the piece carefully before purchasing and look for hallmark certifications or authorized marks.

– Ask for a certificate of authenticity from the seller to ensure the genuineness of the jewelry.

Buying Puligoru Jewellery Online vs. Offline

With the convenience of online shopping, many people prefer to purchase jewelry online. However, when it comes to Puligoru Jewellery, it is essential to weigh the pros and cons of buying online versus buying from an offline store.

Pros and Cons of Purchasing Puligoru Jewellery Online

– Pros: Ease of shopping, more options to choose from, and the ability to compare prices from different sellers.

– Cons: Increased chances of purchasing fake or imitation pieces, inability to examine the jewelry in person, and potential issues with returns or exchanges.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying from Traditional Brick-and-Mortar Stores

– Pros: The ability to examine the jewelry in person, assurance of buying authentic pieces, and potential assistance from the store staff in selecting the right jewelry.

– Cons: Limited options to choose from, potential for higher prices compared to online sellers.

Where to Find the Best Deals on Original Puligoru Jewellery

If you are looking for authentic and unique Puligoru Jewellery, here are some recommendations on where to find the best deals.

Recommended Retailers and Authentic Puligoru Vendors

– Kanakavalli: This online store specializes in traditional Indian jewelry, and they have a wide collection of Puligoru pieces to choose from.

– Amrapali: With stores across India and an online presence, Amrapali is a renowned name in the world of Indian jewelry, and they have a stunning collection of Puligoru Jewellery.

– Certified Puligoru Jewellers: Look for certified jewellers who deal in authentic Puligoru Jewellery to ensure that you are getting a genuine piece.

Suggestions for Exploring Local Markets and Online Platforms to Find Genuine Pieces

– Local Markets: If you have access to local markets that specialize in traditional Indian jewelry, you can find authentic Puligoru Jewellery from trusted sellers. It is always best to do some research or get recommendations before making a purchase.

– Online Platforms: Along with the aforementioned online stores, you can also find authentic Puligoru Jewellery from reputed e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra. Make sure to read reviews and check the seller’s credibility before making a purchase.


Puligoru Jewellery is a treasure trove of unique designs, intricate craftsmanship, and rich cultural and traditional significance. Whether you are a lover of traditional jewelry or looking for a statement piece, Puligoru Jewellery has something to offer for everyone. With this ultimate buying guide, you can now make an informed choice and find the perfect Puligoru piece to add to your collection. So go ahead and indulge in the beauty and elegance of this iconic Indian jewelry.